The French Republic donated 117,000 Pfizer vaccines to Montenegro. The shipment was handed over to the Minister of Health Jelena Borovinić Bojović by the French Ambassador to Montenegro, Christian Thimonier. On that occasion, he expressed his gratitude to the employees in the Montenegrin health system for, as he put it, their constant engagement and care, and emphasized the importance of immunization.

“Unfortunately, the virus is still present and taking even more dangerous forms. Therefore, we need to work on mobilization and jointly continue this fight. The most exposed are the elderly and certain vulnerable categories of the population. We have to protect them and our task is to get vaccinated and continue to maintain the resilience of our bodies with new doses. In order to achieve this, the best possible protection is necessary,” the French Ambassador said.

The Minister of Health thanked the Ambassador for the valuable donation and pointed out the commitment and continuous support that France has been providing to Montenegro since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The pandemic period has taught us that only together, united and in solidarity, can we be a part of the solution. Our friends, the French people, have shown many times how important friends are in difficult times,” said Minister Borovinić Bojović.

She emphasized that Montenegro has so far managed to secure over one million and four hundred thousand vaccines against COVID infection, and called on the citizens to get vaccinated in order to return to normality.