Diplomats united in isolation

The global coronavirus pandemic that has gripped humanity is still ongoing. Its effect is yet to be analysed, but we can already say that this pandemic will be one of the key events of this century. In the past few months, many things have changed and life, work, obligations, and even the most ordinary socialising activities have taken on new forms.

We all have some story related to what is globally called the corona era. The diplomatic corps in Montenegro certainly has its own view of the overall situation. Ambassadors of EU member states in Montenegro and the Head of the EU Delegation decided to record the period  spent in isolation, and so came about an unusual book,  published by the EU Info Centre.

The book “Diplomats United in Isolation” is a unique look back at the corona era, as seen by 13 resident EU ambassadors in Montenegro and EU ambassador Aivo Orav. It contains not only a review of their work as diplomats, but also moments from their private life, and personal thoughts. It is also a testimony of European solidarity with Montenegro.

“These written words are a testimony of how diplomats and diplomacy managed to continue functioning in a field they were neither used to nor trained for, and about the challenges they had to face, overcome, and which they had to draw a few lessons from. What remains as a “testament” of this story is that they have shown great responsibility and devotion to their countries and their work, as well as to Montenegro with which they have shared the risks, the fears, the burden, the solitude, but also the joy and the pleasure of a life together and a common triumph,” wrote the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, Srdjan Darmanovic, in the preface to this book.

By reading this book, you will see the world of diplomacy in a different light, but also witness an active effort to work together to help those in need. The corona era was an unknown and sudden challenge for all, but it is also certain that it will be a testimony of overall solidarity and togetherness. The book “Diplomats United in Isolation” is one such testimony. Precisely because it is the first of its kind, the reader’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

Anyone who is interested can DOWNLOAD it for free from the Internet addresses of the EU Info Centre and the Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro or come pick to pick up a copy in person at the EU Info Centre in Podgorica.