The Embassy of Romania in Montenegro, in cooperation with the EU Info Centre, organised an exhibition of photographs “Discover Romania,” by the famous Romanian photographer Florin Andreescu. The exhibition, which presents the natural beauty of Romania, will be open until the end of June at the EU Info Centre.

The exhibition was opened by the Romanian Ambassador Ferdinand Nagy, the Ambassador of the EU to Montenegro Aivo Orav and Montenegro’s Chief Negotiator with the EU, Aleksandar Drljevic. Ambassador Nagy invited citizens to visit the exhibition, to see Romania and enjoy the photographs, which “symbolically represent a revival of nature, optimism and solidarity.”

“We are blessed on this planet with small glimpses of the divine. They are all around us. We need not look far to find the beauty. Small miracles are all around us. We simply need to go outside and take  a look around at all of the great creations to which we belong. We need a little bit of the wild to keep us fresh. Take a walk in the woods, spend some time alone with nature, it will definitely cheer you up,“ said Ambassador Nagy at the opening of the exhibition.

Ambassador Orav pointed out that he is always happy to visit the EU Info Centre, and that he is especially glad to be there today, because its walls are adorned with beautiful photos from Romania. The Chief Negotiator of Montenegro with the EU, Aleksandar Drljevic, stated that he sees this exhibition as an opportunity to symbolically celebrate nature in the optimistic spirit of unity and solidarity, but also to look back at recent events in the European Union.

“The art knows no boundaries. Culture and creativity are important assets for every country. When shared with others, art speaks its universal language and strengthens ties with other countries, contributes to maintaining unity, and helps develop each other. Montenegro is a state which promotes strong cultural ties with EU states and we greatly believe that we will enrich Europe’s cultural heritage by joining the EU.That is why I am grateful to the Romanian Embassy for this wonderful exhibition that will contribute to a better connection between our peoples, because art has always been a strong bond between Europeans for centuries, in many fields of art expressions,“  said Drljevic.

Veselko Grubisic, the Ambassador of Croatia who currently holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the German Ambassador Robert Weber, both had the opportunity to see the beauties of Romania for themselves and address those gathered.

The Embassy of Romania organised this exhibition as part of the summer solstice, which is celebrated on 20 June. The author of the photographs, Florin Andreescu, is a well-known Romanian photographer and film producer, who has been passionate about art since childhood. During the 1980s, he documented the daily life of communist Romania, giving photographs a personal touch. He is the author of a bestseller in the field of photo albums about his country, and he has exhibited around the world.