Young Montenegrins and Albanians in Raspberry Crops

About the project

Agriculture represents a major economic potential in both Montenegro and Albania. Therefore, it is important to be fully utilized and that young people in both countries become more engaged in agricultural activities.

This project was aimed at providing new ideas in the agricultural sector, for economic and rural development; as well as decreasing unemployment rates on a local level in Municipalities Petnjica (Montenegro) and Vau Dejes (Albania). It was achieved through provision of raspberry crops, modern equipment and trainings to young unemployed persons.

Moreover, through this project sustainable development of raspberry production was introduced, and new jobs were created and new producers registered in targeted areas. It also Improved cooperation among producers in Montenegro and Albania; and helped promote the green economy and land management in both countries.



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Project name:
Young Montenegrins and Albanians in Raspberry Crops
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Municipality of Petnjica (Montenegro)
Partners: National Association of Berries Producers (Montenegro); High School Petnjica (Montenegro); National Professional High School “Ndre Mjeda” (Albania); NGO COSPE Albania
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Young Montenegrins and Albanians in Raspberry Crops