United we reach more – voice to students, support to workers

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The process of political socialization of Roma population in Montenegro is still at the beginning stage. They remain the most vulnerable minority in Montenegro, not very familiar with the political system or mechanisms through which trade unions act. 

“United we reach more – voice to students, support to workers” project was aimed at increasing and improving the participation of both Roma and non-Roma students from Montenegrin universities in shaping the political and public life of Montenegro. Therefore, 25 students had an opportunity to attend different trainings on democracy and human rights, the parliamentary system of Montenegro and public policies, as well as public relations. They also conducted simulations of parliamentary debates and participated in a working group that created a monitoring and advocacy plan for political and social activism of young people in Montenegro, with special emphasis on marginalized groups.

As the majority of employed Roma work in local utility companies, the project was also aimed at establishing effective institutional mechanisms to protect their economic and social rights through participation in trade unions. 30 utility companies’ workers were trained on basic labor rights and various forms of trade union activities. With this project, a branch union of utility workers was established for the first time and three trade unions were equipped with technical equipment that will facilitate their further work.



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United we reach more – voice to students, support to workers
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NGO Young Roma – Herceg Novi
Union of Free Trade Unions Montenegro

United we reach more – voice to students, support to workers