Money Watch: Civil society guarding the budget

About the project

Regardless of their specific thematic scope and area of operation, civil society organisations (CSOs) have an overarching need to perform budgetary analysis and effective scrutiny of public spending, in order to better understand the state-of-the-art in their field of interest. This project aimed to contribute to the fight against corruption by more effective scrutiny of public spending. More precisely, its specific objective was to increase the level of effective participation of civil society in scrutiny of public spending.

During its implementation period, the project helped improve legal framework in the area of public spending on both national and local level through: strengthening the implementation of relevant policies; preparation of recommendations (policy briefs and publications); and advocacy initiatives. It also increased level of independent oversight of implementation of the Public Finance Management Reform Programme and professional reporting on misuse of public funds. Thanks to this project were created interactive online tools for citizen-friendly access to information on public spending.

Within this project were enhanced capacities of a total of 9 civil society organisations and media to participate in oversight of public spending through sub-granting scheme:



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Our Money

Ulcinj’s civil society monitors public spending

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Our Money – Yours or Our Responsibility

More transparent concessions for the exploitation of gravel and forest

Transparent public spending on Roma inclusion policies

Games of Chance – How to reach a more efficient and transparent system

Udruženje mladih sa hendikepom Crne Gore

Our budget is our business!

NVO natura

Common money – common responsibility

How is our budget spent? (Non)Public spending in Montenegro

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Money Watch: Civil society guarding the budget
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Institute Alternative (IA)
Partners: New Horizon, Institute of Public Finance; Associates: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Administration

Money Watch: Civil society guarding the budget