Plastic waste pollution is a world-wide crisis that, unless we do something, will only get worse. After we use a purchased product, its packaging continues to live on. If we try, plastic packaging will find its way to the recycling centre or at least in the landfill. Otherwise, it remains all around us. In our homes, on the streets, and in other public areas, such as in parks, in our rivers, lakes, and the sea.

“We came up with the idea of ​​taking our waste bags and cleaning part of the road leading to our house. Everyone stopped to ask why we hadn’t called and if we would be organising more actions such as this one. That is when I decided to send the invitation via Facebook,” explained Milica Boca, from Herceg Novi.

Milica explained on her social media profile that we must all participate in the fight for a cleaner environment. She invited everyone who could help her in that fight and join in by cleaning up the various locations in her city.

“We have had nine actions so far; we cleaned Lustica, Trashta Bay, and Flower Island. People cannot believe that we are constantly doing this, because usually everyone who initiates some cleaning actions do so to mark certain days of the year. We are trying to start and raise people’s awareness through our example,” explained Milica Boca.

This girl shows that we can do a lot for our environment, nature, and ourselves. Her message is that there is no giving up.

“I will not stop until I have cleaned the whole of Montenegro. We have a beautiful nature, and a true patriot and a fan of this country should take care of it,” Milica said.

Setting an example means inspiring others to make positive changes. And Milica is a great example.