To mark the end of Mobility Week, the EU Info Centre organised a workshop on safe cycling at the “Savo Pejanovic” elementary school, in Podgorica. At the invitation of the EU Info Centre, pupils from elementary school “Sutjeska” also attended the workshop. Children aged nine to 13 had the opportunity to hear something new and learn about safe cycling.

Stefan Bulatovic, a member of the association, delivered a lecture about the proper use and maintenance of bicycles. He said that Podgorica is a city where there are rare days when a bike cannot be ridden. Bulatovic took the opportunity to introduce the children to the types of bicycles and the ways in which the bicycle could be repaired.

“Cycling is not only a way to cross a distance, it is also a lifestyle that allows us to be friends with nature, and to take care of our environment because the bike does not pollute nature. In the end, cycling is good for our health; therefore, everyone who can do so should use bikes as a means for transportation,” said Bulatovic.

To use a bicycle as a means for transportation means to participate in traffic. Traffic has its own rules that must be followed. Safety should be your first priority, said the police officer Miljan Golubovic, who represented the Police Directorate at the event.

Golubovic introduced the children to the basic rules of traffic and drew attention to what was expected of cyclists. “You can ride bikes unattended once you are 12-years-old. That is, at the age of 12 you can take part in the traffic on your own by riding a bicycle,” said Golubovic.

Golubovic explained the differences in the rules of cycling when a bicycle path is available and when it isn’t. He explained the methods of crossing roads and the obligations that the cyclists have towards pedestrians at pedestrian crossings, and their obligations towards cars when crossing the street.

The children showed great knowledge when it came to traffic rules. Most of them already ride their bicycles while accompanied by their parents or independently. They say everyone wears helmets even though it is not required by law. They know that safety is a prerequisite in order to enjoy cycling in many parts of the city.