Ensuring healthy lives, an efficient health care system and strong health sector are essential to sustainable development of each society. Therefore, the EU has been involved in promoting well-being, improving the health system’s efficiency and health infrastructure modernization within and outside its borders.

Through numerous projects, the EU supported tackling social exclusion and ensuring equal access to health and justice for marginalized groups in Montenegro. It also contributed to de-stigmatizing mental health and improving medical care for pregnant mothers and infants. With the procurement of 12 ambulance vehicles for health centers across Montenegro, as well as new modern equipment for transfusion and modern dermoscope for detecting melanoma at an early stage, the EU helped modernize health infrastructure in the country.

The EU will continue with providing support and financial assistance to Montenegro in reaching best European practices and standards in the health area, especially in time of Covid-19 pandemic. More about EU assistance to Montenegro in fight against Covid-19 can be found here: xx (link to page about Covid-19 Support)

The European Blood Directive covers all steps in the transfusion process and sets the quality and safety standards for blood for EU Member States. All the countries that aspire to join the EU must reach such quality and safety standards.
EU policies and actions in public health are aimed at protecting and improving the health of EU citizens, supporting the modernization of health infrastructure and improving the efficiency of Europe’s health system. The EU also provides support to strengthening health systems outside its borders.