We continue to celebrate Europe Day throughout May. After the online European Film Festival, which started on Monday, it is time for the already well-known online prize game “EU in the Palm of Your Hand”, available on the website www.eunadlanu.me. It is an interesting and educational prize game, which consists of creatively designed interactive questions about the European Union and its Member States. The questions cover different areas, such as culture, geography, history, sports…

The game begins with a roll of the dice, after which the playing piece begins its “journey” through the European Union. The country you will “visit” and the difficulty of the question depend on the number you get by rolling the dice. The game lasts 15 minutes on average, during which it is necessary to go around all 48 fields, which is also the maximum number of points. In order to be eligible for prizes, you need to score at least 28 points.

Awards as a form of support to the economy during the pandemic

The game “EU in the Palm of Your Hand” has a valuable prize pool. You can win one of 5 vouchers for holidays in Montenegro in the amount of 400 euros each, a tablet, 40 gift vouchers worth 50 euros each, as well as special prizes – surprise gifts, prepared by the embassies of EU Member States. All winners will also receive a European Youth Card.

In addition to our desire to please the competitors, we selected the awards with the aim of helping the economy, especially smaller entrepreneurs, who are affected by the economic consequences of the corona virus epidemic.  In addition to the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro and the EU Info Centre, the awards were provided by the embassies of EU Member States, the European Integration Office, the Youth Office of the Capital, the NGO Centre for Youth Education, and with the support of the NGO Union of Young Entrepreneurs and Summer at Home initiative. Prizes will be drawn once a week, in the presence of most authors of the game and partners. The prize game will last until June 11.

All residents of Montenegro have the right to participate. They can replay the game an unlimited number of times, but can only register and apply for prizes once a week. A new registration is required for each subsequent draw. Read more about the rules of the game at this link.

This is the second year that we are organizing this online prize game. Last year, “EU in the Palm of Your Hand” was played by more than15,000 competitors. This year we tried to improve it and make it even more interesting, so now it’s up to you to – roll the dice and play at www.eunadlanu.me