The Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro and EU Info Center have launched the “EU in the palm of your hand” online game that can help you win valuable prizes: gift vouchers for summer holidays in Montenegro or gift baskets with local produce. The game consists of questions about the European Union, member states, Europe’s geography, history, culture and European integration of Montenegro. The questions are broken down in 6 smaller quizzes as per different difficulty levels and they take you through the map of the European Union in a picturesque and interesting way.

“EU in the palm of your hand” is an online trivia game meant for players from Montenegro of different age groups, ranging from high school students to senior generations. The game is both engaging and educational. The goal is to get acquainted with the European Union in a creative way”, says our colleague Ana Popović, PR and event manager at the EU Info Center.

The prize pool of 5,000 euros is funnelled into two initiatives: Ljetuj doma and The winners will be issued 10 summer holiday gift vouchers worth 400 euros each and 40 packages of domestic farm products.

“In so doing, the European Union wants to help the Montenegrin economy, primarily tourism and domestic agricultural producers. We are therefore inviting everyone to play, have fun, learn and win valuable prizes,” Ana has said.

The game will be open to contestants for a month and divided in 4 weekly rounds. The winners will be announced every Monday for the next 4 weeks, ending on July 27. Each week the contestants can win two holiday gift vouchers and 10 packages with local produce, while 4 gift vouchers are to be awarded in the final weekly round. The winners may redeem their vouchers by the end of September 2020.

“The winners will be in touch with the Ljetuj doma team and can pick out a hotel or other accommodation listed on the website. The prize is really substantial and the amount of 400 euros can easily cover a middle class hotel for family stay for several days or perhaps a weekend getaway in a luxury accommodation,” says campaign manager Andrija Ćetković.

You can play the game as many times as you want, but you can register only once – once you believe you have achieved the highest score. To apply for the prize, you need to win at least 25 points (gift package), or 30 or more points (gift voucher or gift package). The maximum number of points is 48.

“The game is designed in a way that the more the player gets to know the game and the more they actually play it, the higher their scores. While having fun, the entrants are learning about the EU and its member states, which is the goal of the game”, according to Milutin Pavićević from the Alicorn agency, the game developer.

The game is the namesake and part of our online campaign “EU in the palm of your hand”, launched during the corona virus epidemic to help citizens overcome the crisis as smoothly as possible.


Additional news:

Winners of the second round of the “EU in the palm of your hand” online game

The game “EU in the palm of your hand” is coming to an end

Winners of the second round of the “EU in the palm of your hand” online game

The EU trivia game “EU in the palm of your hand” has come to an end