The European Union has hit the runway in Montenegro – the sustainable one. For the first time, the EU has supported the International Fashion Festival Porto Montenegro 2021 (IFF) – Green Edition, which this year followed the global trend and devoted itself to green, ethical fashion. Thanks to that, the Montenegrin audience had the opportunity to see the creations made by the pioneer of European sustainable fashion – Dutch designer Ronald van der Kemp and his label RVDK – and the rising Montenegrin star Aleksandra Džaković. The festival was organized by Fabrika fashion agency and Porto Montenegro on 23 and 24 July, in front of the Regent Hotel in Tivat.



The second night of the festival was opened by EU Ambassador to Montenegro Oana Cristina Popa, who explained that she supported the festival because it provides an opportunity for Montenegro and the EU to jointly promote green, ethical and sustainable fashion.

“The EU is a global pioneer when it comes to protecting the environment and fighting climate change. Our Green Deal has set very specific and ambitious goals that will enable Europe to become the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. As part of these efforts across Europe, we also need to rethink the fashion and textile industries, which are in fact major polluters. Especially after the coronavirus pandemic, there is an urgent need to create a greener and more just society. We must support young innovators, creators and designers who promote slow instead of fast fashion,” Ms Popa said at the opening.



Just before the start of the second night of the festival, the Tivat waterfront hosted a mini fashion show by Aleksandra Džaković. This event was initiated by the European Union with the aim of bringing sustainable fashion closer to everyone. The green fashion event on the Pine waterfront promenade came as a surprise to the citizens and visitors of Tivat, who were also addressed by Popa.



“This year, the theme of the festival is sustainable and green fashion. It is a fashion that does not pollute, a fashion that is responsible and that protects our environment. Aleksandra Džaković is a designer who said NO to fast fashion. Tonight she will present her innovative creations made from sustainable materials, offering a blend of the modern and the traditional. Sustainable fashion is for all of us. That is why the European Union is bringing you this fashion show tonight,” Ms Popa said.

Aleksandra Džaković, the first Montenegrin designer to be invited to present her collection at London Fashion Week this autumn, showcased her AKKA design project – garments made from biodegradable materials. When it comes to aesthetics, she drew her inspiration from Montenegrin folk costumes. In addition to her fashion show, visitors to the Pine promenade also had the opportunity to watch live broadcasts of the fashion shows that were organized that evening as part of the official programme of the fashion festival.