Environment and Climate Change

Earth is our home and all the existing environmental problems, such as air pollution, global warming, water scarcity, fresh water shortages and shifts in the distribution of fauna and flora, have far-reaching implications for its health, as well as the health of humans. Therefore, it is important to tackle these problems and protect the environment for ours and future generations.

The EU has made serious efforts in doing so. Did you know that the EU has been improving European’s well-being and nature protection  through its environmental policy since 1972? It is one of the most important and most demanding European policies. It protects human health through thorough legislation on climate, nature, waste, water, air quality and chemicals. That is why Chapter 27, dedicated to Environment and Climate Change, represents one of the most difficult and demanding negotiating chapters.

Montenegro officially opened negotiations in this chapter in 2018, which has given the country that defined itself as an ecological state, a unique opportunity to strengthen its environmental policy. The EU has also assisted environmental policy development in Montenegro with €40 million so far. Through different projects, the EU has helped waste management and air quality management  improvement; protection of nature sites; and upgrading and construction of sewerage network in Montenegro.

The EU will continue to support strengthening of Montenegrin administrative capacities in key areas of environmental legislative development, as well as infrastructural development and upgrading across the country, with large investments targeted to address mainly wastewater collection treatment, air quality and nature protection.


Waste management reduces the effect of waste on environment and health, while at the same time contributes to the economy and reuse of recycled resources. In other words, waste reduction, reusing and recycling contributes to preserving health and natural resources, as well as to creating new jobs and business opportunities. That is why it is important to manage and dispose of waste appropriately and carefully.
Wastewater treatment contributes to the circular economy through water reuse and energy generation. It also contributes to environmental and health protection. That is why it is important to have a good wastewater treatment, which allows the maximum amount of water to be reused instead of going to waste.