The EU-funded programme Creative Europe has launched a call for proposals to build capacity and strengthen cooperation in the cultural and creative sectors in the Western Balkan countries, worth €5 million. Creative Europe is an EU programme that supports the cultural, arts, and audiovisual sectors. Montenegro has been participating in this programme since 2014.

The Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and the Creative Europe Desk organised an Info Day to announce the call and inform the interested parties about the conditions and ways in which Montenegrin institutions and organisations involved in cultural and creative activities can apply. The invitation is intended for institutions and organisations which, as legal entities, are active in the cultural and creative sector; individuals do not have the right to participate. The proposed projects must be in line with the main priorities of the competition:

– promoting cultural cross-border cooperation between the Western Balkan countries and EU Member States;

– strengthening competition in the cultural and creative sectors in the region.

The Coordinator of the Desk for Creative Europe, Milena Ražnatović, stated that this is a unique opportunity for our cultural organisations and institutions to participate in a programme for which the European Commission has provided co-financing of 85% of the total budget. In addition, it was emphasised that another advantage of this call is its focus on regional cooperation, which made it easier to find potential partners.

The total funds earmarked for the implementation of this competition are €5 million, while the budget of individual projects is estimated at €100,000 to 500,000. The deadline for submitting proposals is 17 March 2020 at 17:00 CEST.

To learn more about this competition, please visit the Creative Europe Desk website