The question that is troubling many of us these days is how to spend our free time usefully. People who live in houses spend a lot of time tidying up yards and gardens, which is useful on many levels – they spend time outside, enjoy the sun and fresh air, forget about the coronavirus for a few hours, and, at the end, get healthy and delicious products from their garden.

On the other hand, most of you who live in buildings think that you cannot enjoy such a beautiful hobby as gardening. The good news is that you can make a garden on your own terrace and enjoy the sun and fresh air. Just imagine drinking coffee on your balcony surrounded by flowers, basil, oregano, cherry tomatoes, and so many more plants.

The concept of a garden on the terrace has come to life in urban areas, and so it comes to us as a trend created by the need for fresh and healthy vegetables and spices, but also as a useful and relaxing hobby. The biggest advantage of growing vegetables on the terrace or balcony is that the garden is at your fingertips and it is easy to set aside at least half an hour each day for plants.

The good news is that the terrace does not have to be large, a few squares are enough to ensure a good harvest of vegetables and spices throughout the summer with a good pot, but it must meet several prerequisites.

The first and basic prerequisite is the position of the terrace regarding the sun. Not all plants require the same amount of light, vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers, require more sunshine than leafy vegetables, lettuce, and certain herbs. So, if your terrace is facing south or west, grow vegetables that need more sun, and those of you who have bright terrace patches, choose one of the plants that love shading.

In addition, it is important that the terrace is protected from the wind because the wind dries up the soil and can cause damage to plants. If the plant is not sheltered, keep the pots with vegetables inside in order to protect them. Another very important factor is how much time and attention you can devote to your garden. For starters, it is better to start with fewer plants that you can provide daily care for.

An ideal garden on the terrace would consist of some vegetables, herbs, as well as flowers, which have a positive effect on the vegetables.

Vegetables that you can grow on the terrace are spinach, chard, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chilly peppers, and cucumbers. It is important to note that using organic seeds and soil directly affects the quality of the food, in addition, the taste of self-made food cannot be compared to the taste of vegetables purchased at the supermarket.

The La Organica company, in cooperation with the European Union in Montenegro, has prepared a series of short videos in which we will instruct you how to create a small garden on your terrace in a simple and fun way, which you can find here. It is best for all of us to stay home and enjoy this useful hobby.