Montenegro received a computerised network for the state roads. This was the result of the realisation of the “Development of the road database” project, which will help the Transport Directorate, as the final user of the network, to significantly improve the management, development, construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and protection of public roads. The project funded by the European Union and co-financed with the money from beneficiaries, collected and processed data on 1783 kilometres of Montenegrin mainland and regional roads. They now make a unique computerised base.

The project on collecting and processing data on the Montenegrin transport network started in December 2017. At the conference on the completion of the project, which was held in the EU Info Centre, the project coordinator and SPEA Engineering representative, Lorenzo de Angelis, said that the main objective of the project was to develop a road management support system in accordance with the best international standards. This support system was configured and filled with current road network information, which will enable centralised data management on Montenegrin roads, based on the use of computer systems.

The Deputy Head of the Cooperation Section in the European Union Delegation to Montenegro, Audrone Urbonaviciute, said that the European Union will continue to be the main partner of Montenegro when it comes to making the road traffic sector more modern, more useful, and more secure for all its citizens.

The General Director for International Cooperation and EU Funds in the Ministry of Traffic and Maritime Affairs, Emina Mujevic Kara, stressed that the conditions for improving road safety in Montenegro are being created. These modern computer systems for the management of public roads will lead to a reduction in the number of traffic accidents.

For the Transport Directorate it is necessary to have a centralised and organised, collection, an analysis and preservation of data on state roads, travel facilities, traffic technical equipment of roads, their conditions, and the traffic that takes place there – believes the Assistant Director of the Transport Directorate, Ervin Adrovic.

The Montenegrin Roads Database, for which the EU has allocated more than €300,000, will significantly improve the quality of road management, the long-term planning, the development of the road network, its maintenance, as well as improve the existing roads and build new ones.