During the last two weeks of December, as many as 5,468 competitors from all over Montenegro played the online prize game “Human Rights in the Palm of Your Hand,” which we organised after the International Human Rights Day. The game consisted of questions about human rights from different areas, to which the participants answered by throwing dice and moving a pawn on an interactive board. All interested Montenegring citizens had the right to participate, test their knowledge in the field of human rights, and win valuable prizes. Among the best ranked, 13 competitors were chosen: Sara Hodžić, Ksenija Simović, and Vera Ivanović won vouchers for winter holidays worth €400 each, while ten other winners received packages of domestic products.

“Inspired by the results of our previous online games, and at a time when the coronavirus epidemic still reigns, we wanted to offer citizens something useful, instructive, and motivating on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, which we marked on 10 December. Thus, the whole month was dedicated to promoting the human rights, and we believe that this game helped many to better understand them and, thus, respect them, too,” explains colleague Ana Popović.

We organised this online game in cooperation with the NGO Civic Alliance. The game was originally intended for high school students, who played it as part of a four-day tournament, from the 7-10 December. In order to continue the promotion of this important area, we decided to open the game to the general public.

“We can say that the students really showed a high level of knowledge of human rights in various fields. These are great young people, full of knowledge, and who are certainly ready for the future steps when it comes to their education,” said Aleksandra Vukčević from the NGO Civic Alliance.

The partners who helped us to prepare the questions were: the Ombudsman, the Council of Europe, the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, the Centre for the Protection of Birds, Alicorn, teh Association for Democratic Prosperity – Wall, Forum Progress, Forum Youth and Non-Formal Education, RYCO, the Personal Data Protection Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, the NGO Phiren Amenca, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, the Association of Judges, the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro, the Union of the Blind, 35 MM, the Montenegrin Pan-European Union, and the Young European Ambassadors.