In three weeks our online prize game “EU in the palm of your hand” was played over 11,000 times, which is over 500 times per day. Nearly 2,600 contestants qualified for awards, and 23 lucky winners won gift packages prepared by the embassies of the European Union Member States. The names of the first round winners are available here, and the names of the second round winners can be found here.

We organised the “EU in the palm of your hand” for the third time as part of Europe Month. This year we went one step further and adapted the game to blind or partially sighted people, in cooperation with the NGO Association of the Blind of Montenegro.

The game consists of six types of questions about the European Union, its Member States and the European integration of Montenegro, in the field of geography, history, culture, entertainment, and sports. One starts by rolling the dice, after which the pawn begins a “journey” through the European Union. The country one “visits” and the difficulty of the question depend on the number rolled on the dice. The game lasts an average of ten minutes, during which one needs to go around all 48 fields, which is the maximum number of points.