The European Union in Montenegro and the NGO Civic Alliance organized the first online tournament for high schools on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, which was marked yesterday. From December 7 to 10, a total of 50 three-member teams from high schools from all parts of Montenegro competed in the online game Human Rights in the Palm of Your Hand. Six teams advanced to the finals, of which the three best were awarded. The first place was won by the team Delegates from the Comprehensive School from Cetinje. The second place went to the team Mahatma Gandhi from the Secondary Vocational School from Rožaje, while the third prize went to the team Lim from the Secondary School Bećo Bašić from Plav. All team members, including mentors, won valuable cash vouchers to purchase computers, tablets and phones.

The aim of this online game was to introduce young people to the concept of human rights, to the persons who have made a significant contribution to greater respect thereof, as well as to the work of important institutions in this field, but also to give them an opportunity to have fun, gain new skills and shift focus from everyday trials they are facing during this age of pandemic. Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to all the competitors and mentors for their incredible enthusiasm and knowledge they have demonstrated during the tournament.

The competition was part of the overall programme of marking the International Human Rights Day, in which, in addition to the Civic Alliance, the EU Delegation to Montenegro and the EU Info Centre, we also had the Ombudsman and the Council of Europe taking part.

“This year we organized an online game, unlike previous years when we organized the Search for Human Rights in the field, but the goal was nevertheless the same – for young people to gain new knowledge on International Human Rights Day, which will then lead them to winning valuable awards. Congratulations to the winning teams, but also to all those who participated and showed great results, because no one can take what they have away from them,” the Civic Alliance states.

On December 14 the game show will open to the general public 

In order to further promote human rights, we have decided to open this online game to the general public, from December 14 to 28. All interested citizens of Montenegro will then have the right to participate, test their knowledge in this area and win valuable prizes: vouchers for winter tour packages and gift bags with domestic products. For more information follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

The game consists of questions about human rights in different areas, to which the participants answer by throwing dice and moving their pieces on an interesting board composed of 23 fields. Other partners who also helped in preparing the questions are: Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, Centre for Protection and Research of Birds, Association for Democratic Prosperity – ZID, Forum Progress, Youth and Non-Formal Education Forum (Forum MNE), RYCO, Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information of Montenegro, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, NGO Phiren Amenca , Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Association of Judges, Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro, Union of the Blind of Montenegro, 35 MM, Montenegrin Pan-European Union and Young European Ambassadors.