Our prize-winning online game “Human Rights in the Palm of Your Hand” is now available to everyone on the website www.pravanadlanu.me. The game was firstly organised for high school students, who played it as part of a four-day tournament, organised on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day. In order to continue the promotion of this important area, we decided to make the game available to the general public.

The game consists of questions about human rights from different areas, to which the participants answer by moving a pawn on an interactive board and throwing dice. Players can test their knowledge in this area and win valuable prizes: vouchers for winter holidays in Montenegro worth €400 or packages of domestic products. The game will last until 28 December, and the winners will be chosen in the period of two days.

“Inspired by the results of our previous online games, we wanted to offer citizens something useful, interesting, and motivating on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day. We invite everyone to play, as many times as they want, until they achieve the desired results, which nominates them to participate in the prize game,” explained our colleague Ana Popović, who coordinated the creation of the game.

The EU in Montenegro designed the game in cooperation with the NGO Civic Alliance, our traditionall partner in the celebration of 10 December.

“The Civic Alliance has been organising a competition for high school students called “The Search for Human Rights” for years, and this year, due to the situation with COVID-19, it was organised in the form of an online game. The students really showed a high level of knowledge of human rights in various areas that we prepared for them and we are very happy about that. We expect the game to be well received by the general public, especially because so many diverse areas are involved and many will have the opportunity to test their knowledge, and learn something new. So, I invite everyone to participate regardless of profession or occupation,” says Aleksandra Vukčević from the NGO Civic Alliance.

The following partners assisted in the preparation of the issue: the Ombudsman, the Council of Europe, the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, the Centre for the Protection of Birds, Alicorn, the Association for Democratic Prosperity – Wall, the Forum Progress, the Forum Youth and Non-Formal Education, RYCO, the Personal Data Protection Agency, teh Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, the NGO Phiren Amenca, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, the Association of Judges, the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro, the Federation of the Blind, 35 MM, the Montenegrin Pan-European Union, and the

Young European Ambassadors. For more information about the game and the prizes, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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