In celebration of the International Day of Human Rights, the Civic Alliance, in cooperation with the Institution of the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro and the Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro, is organising the Quest for Human Rights for high school pupils and their teachers, which will take place in Podgorica on 7 December 2017, starting at 10am in the premises of the EU Info Centre.

Participation is open to third-grade pupils from all high schools in Montenegro who, together with their teachers, can apply for this open contest up until 19 November 2017. Each team should be composed of three third-graders and one teacher, who will be responsible for the team during the Quest for Human Rights. All interested parties should submit information on the members of the team (name, surname, the pupils’ class, the teacher’s position and the name of the educational institution) along with approval to represent the school from the director, to the email address: no later than 3pm on 19 November.

During the Quest for Human Rights, participants will have the opportunity to learn from various institutions and organisations directly about the rights of Roma, LGBTIQ, people with disabilities, environmental rights, youth rights and the functioning of the European Union. Through the tasks that will be set, they will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and thus participate in this competition, for which the Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro has provided the award.

It is important to point out that the main prize is a trip to Berlin, and three teams will have the opportunity to go on this trip. The organisers will be evaluating not only participants’ knowledge and skills in solving tasks, but also team work and respect for human rights. The winners will continue learning about humans rights in Berlin and will have the opportunity to visit famous sites that are symbolic of this European city regarding human rights. Upon their return to Montenegro, the awardees will have the task of organising an event in their schools where they will present their acquired experience and knowledge and thus involve their peers in promoting the values of the community of European countries.

We invite you to apply for the Quest for Human Rights, and through interactive learning, to have fun and, by socialising with peers from other cities in Montenegro, to reach Berlin – a city that evokes history everywhere.
For any additional information, please feel free to contact us by email at or by calling the telephone number 020/513-687.