The lives of top athletes entail big sacrifices, and Milena Raicevic is a top athlete. Yet, despite the effort she puts into sporting success, Milena finds time to think about protecting nature – the precious, yet limited resource of humanity.

According to the European Union data, the environmental problems we face today are largely the result of human overexploitation of natural resources, including (fossil) fuels, minerals, water, land, and biodiversity. We are actually stealing from future generations, taking what is theirs and wasting a capital that is not infinite. In order to remedy the situation at least to a certain extent, we can reuse many of the things we normally throw away by recycling. Milena is aware of this.

“I recycle because I want protect nature, and I think by recycling we primarily protect the air, the life around us, the water, the land … the basic things that enable us to live,” Milena explained.

It is not difficult to recycle. It only takes a little effort to separate and recycle waste that can be reused. Of course, such waste should also be taken to the designated places. The benefits are far greater than the effort we make.

“I believe we should all be aware of this, be involved. We can all contribute by being more informed about  preserving what we have by living a more cosncious life,” advised Milena.

Setting an example means inspiring others to make positive changes. And Milena is a great example.