Podgorica, 9 May 2016 – Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, as it was the case in previous years, celebrated Europe Day with a music concert and a series of activities organised in cooperation with Member States’ Embassies, EU Info Centre and partners from the host country. The main celebration took place in front of the EU Info Centre. In his opening remarks, the Head of Cooperation Section at the EU Delegation to Montenegro, AndréLys, said that 9 May is the day to celebrate the diversity that makes the Union so rich.

“Today we celebrate peace and unity, democracy and prosperity. We celebrate our common values. The European Union is about its people, its ideas, its freedoms. That is why we must be proud of what the EU has achieved since its establishment. The difficulties that we are all facing today show that Europe is now needed more than ever. We must all fight together to protect the foundations upon which the EU is built – the same EU of which you will become citizens once Montenegro joins,” stated Lys.

Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Tamara Srzentić, recalled the importance of the process of European integration. “Adopting European values, while preserving the authenticity of Montenegrin identity is our common interest, but also the responsibility of every individual and society as a whole,” concluded Srzentić.

Deputy Mayor Časlav Vešović welcomed the guests on behalf of the Capital City. “Podgorica is one of those cities where one feels as a citizen of the world. Therefore, mutual respect, dialogue and compromise are the only proper way for Montenegro’s road to membership of the European Union,” said Vešović.

Students of the primary school “Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin,” which celebrates 9 May as its School Day, rode on bicycles to the EU Info Centre, thus promoting healthy lifestyles. Pupils delivered a present to the Head of Cooperation Section at the EU Delegation on the occasion of Europe Day.

07Within the activities for children, primary school students from Podgorica engaged in the “Games without Frontiers.” In the field of arts, students from nine primary schools of the Capital City of Podgorica, in the framework of the exhibition “My Europe”, competed for the best installation made of recycled material.



08More than 400 children, together with parents and teachers, had the opportunity to taste traditional dishes, prepared by the representatives of EU Member States’ Embassies (Romania, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Malta, Greece, France and Slovenia). Information about Montenegro’s EU path was presented by the representatives of Montenegro’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, while the country’s tourist offer was presented by the National Tourism Organisation.

The main celebration was preceded by a concert of a regional music star Kiki Lesendrić and the group Piloti, held at Podgorica’s main square the night before.

I hope that you felt the spirit of Europe at our concert last night. I hope that you feel it today as we are here together, united in diversity,” concluded André Lys at the celebration of Europe Day in Montenegro.