Danilovgrad received three new waste containers, which were placed near the newly built children’s playground in Pažići, in agreement with the local authorities. The waste containers were donated by the European Union in Montenegro, at the initiative of four local NGOs: Rural-Urban, For the Green Zeta River (Za zelenu Zetu), the Council for the Implementation of Youth Policy (Savjet za implementaciju omladinske politike) and the Institute for Social and Educational Policy (Institut za socijalnu i obrazovnu politiku), which make up the Danilovgrad Eco Network (Eko mreža Danilovgrad). In order to fit in better with the environment, the waste containers were painted as part of the Make Up the City action, which was initiated by the Danilovgrad Youth Service. The action was coordinated by the EU Info Centre.

“One simple initiative connected several partners, who sincerely care that their environment looks nice and is protected. We are glad to be a part of it and to have been able to support young people in their efforts to help their community. This story intertwines the values that the European Union itself stands for, from environmental protection and solidarity, to the promotion of cooperation and support for youth work,” said colleague Jelena Kulidžan.

Danilovgrad Eco Network is dedicated to solving environmental problems at the local level. Earlier, they made a map of landfills, organized cleaning actions, and since waste collection is one of the key issues in Danilovgrad, with this initiative they wanted to additionally help the city in becoming cleaner.

“We are especially proud that through uniting our forces, through networks or coalitions of organizations, it became much easier for us to meet the goals that were for the common good.” The new playground in the city will now be enhanced in this way as well, and the kids will show their responsibility towards the environment in which they live in. We believe that we are just starting to contribute to this city that lays on the banks of Zeta River and we are aware that we all have a lot of work ahead of us in order to achieve what this region deserves – a clean and beautiful Danilovgrad, and with it the Zeta River Nature Park”, said Milan Mijajlović from the NGO Rural-Urban.

The waste containers are painted in four seasons motifs. This was done by local artists Mina Đurović, Simona Jakovljević and Tereza Živković, with the assistance of the artist Bojan Matunović, which were all hired by the Youth Service of Danilovgrad as part of the Make Up the City action. Young volunteers of the Youth Service joined in and provided assistance. The goal of the action, which was organized with the consent of the Ministry of Sport and Youth and the financial support of the Municipality of Danilovgrad, is to revive public areas in Danilovgrad with bright colours, using the artistic expression of young people.

“We are thus sending a clear message that we as a community value young talent and we give them space to promote and advance their talents. Furthermore, the focus is on the promotion of values such as community advancement, environmental protection and support for youth work. I am sure that intertwining of these values contributes to the prosperity of every community”, said Marija Popović, administrator of the Youth Service Danilovgrad at the Ministry of Sport and Youth.