It is clear that parenting is not an easy task, especially during the first years. That is why any help is always welcome. This time, support is available in an online application form called “Bebbo,” which is presented as a real companion to parenting. It was created within the broader support programme “EU and UNICEF for Early Childhood Development in Montenegro.”

The “Bebbo” application is the first comprehensive, interactive guide for parents through parenting and developing from birth to the first day of school, the content of which you can personalise according to your child’s age. Information on breastfeeding, nutrition, vaccinations, play, learning, and health are the most sought after among parents, and the Bebbo app offers answers to these questions as well as advice on the children’s health. With the Bebbo application, you can take care of the growth and development, health and nutrition of the child, as well as timely paediatric examinations and vaccinations, while also taking care of yourself.

photo: Unicef

“The Bebbo application is the first such application for Montenegrin parents in the Montenegrin language. I am proud that the EU was able to support this tool, which is going to help parents get appropriate and scientific information about how to give their children the best start in life. It not only offers handy, efficient, and accurate information related to children’s health and development, but it also focuses on the wellbeing of parents,” says Yngve Engstroem, Head of Cooperation at the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

All data entered into the application for personalisation purposes is stored exclusively on the user’s personal device. The application is free and available for both users of Android and iOS devices, in Montenegrin and in English.

“This tool can be especially useful in times of pandemic crisis, just as we are experiencing now, when many parents struggle because of the disruption of contacts with paediatricians and other service providers. One serious consequence has been that many children were not vaccinated on time. It is time to help parents get back on track,” says Engstroem.

He also reminded that the Bebbo application is part of a wider support programme which the EU and UNICEF implement in Montenegro. As partners, together with Montenegrin authorities, we strive to give all children the same protection, and access to services such as education, healthcare, and socio-economic support regardless of their background, social or residence status.