Paying attention to the environment was once commonplace, but nowadays it is rare. A long time ago, trees were planted to mark a significant date in people’s lives, while the modern times have brought about some different customs.

In the lives of Aleksandar Novovic and his wife Kristina Zugic, the contemporary pace of life has not killed love and respect they have for the natural environment. Among other things, they plant one hundred oaks a year.

“One of our main goals is to revitalise the ecosystem around cities, work with children, and restore a culture of love for wood,” says Alexander.

Alexander and Kristina involve children from primary schools in planting trees to make them feel important, to contribute to nature, and to take a step closer to living in harmony with nature.

“We all need to live in a little more sustainable way, take small steps to make that big change that we strive for, and that is a life in harmony with nature,” Kristina explained.

That humans have become alienated from nature is not new. That is why, at a time when humans are turning against the environment, it is important to be its friend.

“We are trying to align with a sustainable way of living. I cannot say that we have achieved this, but we are aware that every small change we make actually contributes to that big change that needs to happen,” adds Kristina.

No major change can happen without our participation and contribution. Nature has long been in need of more friends – someone like Alexander and Kristina, who are willing to invest at least part of themselves and their time for the common good. Someone who is willing to repay nature part of someone else’s debt if needed, and to consider what legacy they leave for the future.

“Every year, one hundred new oaks, a minimum of one hundred. A minimum of one hundred and fifty new kids each year. The next generation, four people a year will benefit from our planting,” Alexander concluded.

Setting an example means inspiring others to make positive changes. Alexander and Kristina are great exmaples.